NOA Color Products

This premier resource from Japan is the ultimate in color forecasting, delivering the latest trends in color to merchandisers, designers, and retailers for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

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NOA Color Collection

This assortment of 210 directional colors offers a vibrant array of seasonal colors and hues beautifully presented in a two-tier divided box for easy visibility. The Collection is presented in rich cotton yarn skeins for Spring/Summer (released in October) and vivid wool yarn skeins for Autumn/Winter (released in April). Each skein is 6.25 yards.

NOA Color Collection:  $1,165

\\NOA Color Cloth Collection

NOA’s 210 seasonal colors are attractively showcased in our polyester Color Cloth Collections. The Color Cloth Fan-Deck Collection features two fan-decks of polyester swatches (4” x 3.25″ each). The Color Cloth Tray Collection is presented in neat polyester ribbon rolls (15” x 1″ each) in a two-layer partitioned box.

Spring/Summer is released in October. Autumn/Winter is released in April.

Color-Cloth Fan-Deck:  $1,165
Color-Cloth Tray:  $1,165

NOA Beige Collection

This palette of 105 timeless Beige colors ranging from light beige to dark brown is presented in rich cotton yarn and beautifully displayed in a divided box.

Beige Collection:  $645

NOA Gray Collection

Gray colors in 105 shades from light to dark in rich cotton yarn are appropriate for any season, and are tastefully showcased in a sectional box.

Gray Collection:  $645

NOA Color Reorders

Additional yarn skeins and/or cloth swatches may only be reordered from previously purchased Collections. Colors are available for up to three years (six seasons).

Individual Yarn Skein (6.25 yards):   $12 each
Individual Cloth Swatch (7.75” x 3”):   $12 each

Larger sizes available upon request – contact us HERE


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